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The Guerreras Latinas program founded in 2015 by a Latina woman at the Rosewood Initiative became an independent non profit organization with the same name in Dec-2020. Founded and led by community leader, activist, and advocate Yoana Molina Marcial, Guerreras Latinas has been organizing Latinx women in the neighborhood for over eight years. They have grown to a group of over 800 women who learn from and support each other. As they grow their impact, they are making transformational changes to the conditions in the community that make it possible for everyone to thrive. Guerreras Latinas offers these women a safe space to connect, access resources, services and opportunities to empower themselves through information, thus strengthening their leadership in order to advocate for the well-being of their families and communities. The organization aims to remove barriers to education and resources by offering classes, workshops, and presentations and by providing child care, hot meals, and transportation costs to and from events. 

Guerreras Latinas Empowerment Group

Guerreras Latinas is an empowerment group directed at Spanish speaking Latinas who want to grow and build healthy relationships with their partners and children while increasing awareness of community resources. Helping participants to become more self-reliant and confident in conducting the affairs of their daily lives. By providing a safe social setting to practice, live and share their culture, improve self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and form connections within their community.

Guerreras Latinas Group empowers Latinas in the community to build healthy relationships with their partners, children, and community through peer mentorship, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, and workshops. Guerreras Latinas members will make connections with one another to build on their strengths by increasing self-awareness and community awareness. This will be achieved by making Guerrreras Latinas (the organization) resources accessible for Guerreras Latinas (the support group) as well as the resources within the group and greater Portland area. We accomplish this by creating, equipping, and sustaining a network of Latinas in the neighborhood focused on peer mentorship. Guerreras Latinas fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resilience, leadership, and advocacy skills so that Latinas bring prosperity to their families and communities.

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